Netair is a startup in the Agtech market providing IoT environmental sensors, monitoring and technical services to help you increase agricultural productivity and sustainability.

We know demand for locally-grown sustainable food is growing in our major cities. At the same time a rising middle class in Asia Pacific, is moving from a simple diet to one that’s much higher in the kind of agriculturally-intensive foods in which Australia specialise.

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Aranet designs and manufactures industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. The simple to use environment monitoring systems offer unique 3km or more line-of-sight receiving range between the wireless sensors and the base station. Aranet is suitable for large industrial site applications as well as smaller facilities. With all Aranet systems we offer free computer software, that helps you view, analyse and compare data in real time from any device. Aranet is a business of SAF Technika Latvia EU

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Ensure the best growth conditions for yield by monitoring temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide (CO2), weight, soil moisture, stem diameter and other important parameters measured by Aranet!

Aranet can easily and wirelessly gathering more data points will help you optimize growth conditions and increase greenhouse yield by substantial amounts.

Cold Storage

Ensure best storage conditions for different types of product. Aranet temperature and humidity monitoring solutions allow remote monitoring, analysing and comparing of the data ensuring the best quality control and adaptable settings for each client’s needs. Set different alert thresholds for all the Aranet sensors and receive warnings via SMS or E-mail any time of the day.

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We are a business of Vista Controls Pty Ltd established in 2002.

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